About Motophrenic

About Motophrenic

The integral coaching concept Motophrenic© came to life through the unique collaboration between psychologist Jeannette Bolck and physical therapist and top sports coach Louis Wijdenbosch.

They took best practices from top sports, Psychomotor Therapy (PMT) and Psychology and combined them into a targeted approach which uses the interaction between body and mind to help clients optimize their wellbeing and solve problems.

The individual as a unity of thinking, feeling and acting is the main focus within Motophrenic, and it’s these three aspects which are important when approaching the problem.

Acknowledging a problem (thinking), recognizing patterns and experiencing new opportunities (feeling) through exercise (acting) to grow are tackled separate or together.

Where the emphasis lies will depend strongly on the individual situation. Because of this, each treatment starts with a thorough intake from both physical as well as mental and emotional perspective.

Once a complete and clear image is established, concrete goals are formulated and a plan of action is set up. Fixed milestones and a constant dialogue between the therapists allow for a clear treatment plan, in which effectivity and positivity are key.

The collaboration between the therapists and the innovative role that movement - sports - plays make Motophrenic a unique method in the range of multidisciplinary treatments.